Ace of Wands

ace wands

Doing something new.  Today I went to a local film festival-and I had a great time.  I don’t get out that much, and it was fun.  I was able to meet a couple of people I’ve been talking to online and see some really funny shorts.

A couple of the movies were unimpressive, but most were pretty good.  I liked “Don’t Move,” “Air Conditions,” and I liked the main event, which was “Hellbenders,” which totally gets points for Clancy Brown saying “uxorial guilt.”

I was out late, which I am not really used to, but it’s ok.  I think I will try to write more here.  I suppose it’s not really that interesting, but it could get to be more so.

Also, got mail from the park, and they’re reworking leases.  This promises to be a great time.

Note-not my image.  Just borrowing it since it’s my favorite deck.  These will be titled …something strange.

Not so iconic first post

I will be trying to actually stick with this-not sure how it’s going to go.  Not even sure about my focus, so it’s probably going to be a bit of this and a bit of that.  So I could talk about a movie I’d seen, how my latest doctor visit went, or just what I’m thinking about right then.

Stay tuned, I suppose.  If a woman blogs and nobody reads it…?